• March 2, 2011 /  Uncategorized

    The workshop will take place on Friday, March 11th starting at 9am. The schedule is now set and is available online. Abstracts for the talks are also available for download from the online schedule.

    The workshop will take place in TCC 227, The Rosen Family Screening Theatre.

  • August 27, 2008 /  Site Admin, Uncategorized

    After a short hiatus, the GSIL website is back up. Things have changed, as you can probably see, but a lot of things have also changed that you can’t see.

    Unfortunately, partially as a result of updating to a newer version of wordpress, and partially because of the rather shaky server hop, this site is relatively non-functional at the moment.

    Please bear with me during this transition. The ETC for this site is currently set at the end of September, but the majority of the functionality of the old GSIL site should be restored in the next two weeks.

    Ed H