USC Linguistics

10th North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics (NACCL10)

Volume 1:

Phonetics and Phonology
  1. Donohue, Cathryn. On the Importance of perceptual Salience for Tonology. 1
  2. Lin, Yen-Hwei. Theoretical Implications of Huojia Rime Change. 16
  3. Lin, Ying-chin. On the Sound Correspondences among the Various Dialects of Old Chinese, as Seen through the Words, Fly and Rope 29
  4. Liu Yi and Shi Feng. 34
  5. Sun, Jingtao. Retroflex Suffixation in Shunping (Gaoyupu) Mandarin 40
  6. Wan, I-Ping. The Status ofpostnuclear Glides in Mandarin 58
  7. Yan, Margaret M. The Evolutionary Development of the MC ri Initial in the Dialects offujian and Taiwan 74
  8. Zee, Eric. Frequency Analysis of the vowels in Cantonese 90
Formal Syntax
  1. Chao, Wynn and Evelynne Ki-Mei Mui. The Forms ofnegation in Cantonese 98
  2. Ernst, Thomas. Universal Grammar and the Order ofadjuncts in Mandarin Chinese 116
  3. Gammon, Roderick A. Ontological Roots ofsyntax.- An Image-basedAccount of Mandarin Locative Sentences 134
  4. Harada, Naomi. Interactions between Functional and Lexical Categories.- Are Adjectives Verbal or Are Verbs Adjectival? 151
  5. Lee, Thomas Hun-tak and Virginia Yip. Rethinking Isomorphism as a Scope Principle for Chinese and English 169
  6. Li, Jen-I Jelina. The Structural Position ofpreposed Objects in Mandarin 187
  7. Lin, Huei-Ling. Aspect Licensing and Verb Incorporation 205
  8. Shi, Dingxu. The Nature of Chinese Comparative Sentences 221
  9. Shyu, Shu-ing. Syntactic WH-Movement in Mandarin Chinese 239
  10. Simpson, Andrew and Xiu-Zhi Zoe Wu. The Syntax and Interpretation Of Sentence-Final DE 257
  11. Tang, Sze-Wing. Does Chinese Have Gapping? 275
  12. Wang, Lidi. Direct Object Restriction (DOR) and Resultative Construction in Chinese 293
  13. Xu, Liejiong. A Special Use of the Third Person Singular Pronoun 306
  14. Zhang, Ren. Unifying Operators.- The Nature ofA-not-A Questions 319
  15. Zhou, Hong. Cognate Objects in Chinese 335
  16. Zou, Ke. Directional Verb Movements in Chinese 353

Volume 2

  1. Liu, Feng-hsi The Scalar Particle Zai 361
  2. Liu, Mei-Chun, Chu-Ren Huang, Charles Lee, and Ching-Yi Lee. When Endpoint Meets Endpoint: A Corpus-based Lexical Semantic Study of Mandarin Verbs of Throwing 379
  3. Ma, Lili. On the Relevance of TenselAspectfor Chinese Negation 396
  4. Ng, Eve. The Semantics ofmanner Adverbials in Mandarin Chinese 407
  5. Yeh, Meng. The Semantics of Geng Even in Mandarin: A Comparative Intensifier 424
Functional Studies
  1. Hu, Wenze. Pre-Noun Modifier vs. Descriptive Clause: A Cognition-Based Functional Account 440
  2. Tan, Pack-Ling and Hongyin Tao. Coordination Constructions in Mandarin Conversation: Evidence for Syntax-for-Interaction 449
  3. Wei, Jennifer M. Politics is Love and War: A Case Study ofmetaphors in the 1997 Taiwan County Magistrate Election 467
  4. Wang, Yu-Fang. The Linguistic Structures ofagreement and Disagreement in Mandarin Conversation 485
  5. You, Yu-Ling. Defining Topic Continuityfor Interpreting Chinese Zero Anaphors 503
  6. Yu, Ning. Body-Part Terminology and Embodied Cognition 521
Language Contact and Language Change
  1. Chin, Andy Chi-on. Social Impact on Lexical Items in Chinese News Headlines: A Comparison of Hong Kong and Taiwan 539
  2. Chen, Shu-Fen. Lexical Tanslation and Transliteration in the Diamond Sutra 556
  3. Hwang, Jya-Lin. A Comparative Study on the Grammaticalization ofsaying Verbs in Chinese 574
  4. Huang, Yue-yuan, Suying Yang, and Asha Tickoo. Problems in Acquisition of Tense-Aspect Systems -- A Two-way Study of the Acquisition Patterns of Chinese ESL Learners and English CSL learners 585
  5. Kim, Kwangj o. On the Usage of the Linguistic Sign s LE 7, LA I @, YE L# in the Ponyok Nogoltae 598
  6. T'sou, Benjamin K, Samuel W.K. Chan, Tom B.Y. Lai, and H.L. Lin. Textual Summarization: A Comparative Study of University Students in Five Chinese Cities 616
  7. Wu, Sue-mei. The Nature Of Yu P,, and Its Relative Word Order in Classical Chinese 652

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