Table of Contents


Biq, Yung-O 1

Constructional Meaning in the Interaction Between the Classifier ge and

Post-verbal Elements in Mandarin

Cahill, David 19

The Application of Japanese Character Lookup Methods to Chinese Character Input

Chen, Danny C-C           33

A Reanalysis of the Aspectual Guo: is "Experientiality" the Whole Story?

Chen, Liang 47

A Study of Floating Quantifiers in Chinese

Chen, Rong 65


Chen, Zhen 76

The Disposal Usage of YI in Shi Shuo Xin Yu

Gao, Liwei  91

Identity Construction in the Use of Electronic Language

Gao, Qian 108

Argument Structure and RVC in Chinese

Hsieh, Miao-Ling          126

Negation Expressed by a Form of Question

Hung, Jia-Fei                143

The Acquisition of Taiwanese Utterance-Final Question Particles

Kuong, Io-Kei Joaquim    158

On Existential you in Chinese

Lee, Hui-chi                176

The Syllable Structure of Prenuclear Glide in Mandarin

Li, Jen-i    191

The Semantic Change of Two Synonymous Body-part Terms in Chinese:

Mian and Lian

Li, Wendan 208

Clause-Integration in Discourse - Criteria and Mechanisms in Chinese and English

Lin, Yen-Hwei                223

Ungrammatical Affixed Words in the Huojia Dialect: Mparse or Control?

Liou, Yu-fen                232

On Chinese Temporal Clauses

Liu, Haiyong                250

The Co-occurrence of Dou with DPs and Yiwencis in Mandarin Chinese

Pan, Haihua and Qinan Hu                268

NP Identification from Running Texts

Su, Hsi-Yao                279

Syntactic Constraints on Code-Switching between Mandarin and Taiwanese: The Interaction between Syntactic and Social Factors

Tao, Hongyin                296

Corpus Linguistics and Emergent Semantics

Ting, Jen   309

On the Syntax of the Suo Construction in Classical Chinese

Wu, Jiun-Shiung      326

Collectivity, Distributivity and Two Universal Quantifiers in Taiwanese

Yang, Barry Chung-Yu 339

On the Licensing of Quantification Force

Yang, Henrietta                356

Scrambling in the Mandarin Double Object Construction

Yu, Ning   374

The Eyes for Sight and Mind

Zou, Ke    392

Verb-Noun Compounding and Definiteness Effect