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Frequency, phonetic reduction, and grammaticalization:

Na in Mandarin conversation


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張榮興  鄒雅靜



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               Asymmetrical behaviors of presupposition of lian-constructions in Chinese 


Cheung Chi Fang, Candice                                                                                                48 

               The status of plural morphemes in classifier languages:

               An investigation of the plural morphemes in Jingpo


Chung, You-shan                                                                                                               64

               L1 Chinese children’s comprehension of the perfective marker –le and the

               imperfective marker zai with creation and consumption verbs


Da, Jun                                                                                                                              82

               An empirical investigation on the distribution of A-not-A questions in

               Chinese literary texts


Du, Hang                                                                                                                           93

               Possible dialect influence on the Chinese ba-construction


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               The history of the sentence-final (LE 2) in Mandarin


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               On Vverbal classifiers in Chinese


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               Adjunct relativization in Chinese


Kuo, Jenny Yi-chun                                                                                                         157

               Are Chinese nouns real mass nouns?


Kwan, Wing Man                                                                                                            170

               Placement of locative prepositional phrases in Cantonese:

               A processing perspective


Lee, Huichi                                                                                                                      187

               On the information structure of Mandarin cleft construction


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               How do we ask questions in Mandarin?: An acoustic study of

yes-no question intonation in the Beijing variety of Mandarin


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               Topic prominence, “double nominative” construction and subject

               importance in Mandarin Chinese


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               Phonetically based phonology in Chinese


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               Auxiliary selection in Chinese locative inversion


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               Event structure and the interpretation of a Chinese serial verb construction


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               The particle suo and the passive constructions in classical Chinese


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               Development of semantic knowledge-base of contemporary Chinese


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               Aspectual influence on temporal relations:

               Evidence from the progressive zai and the durative zhe


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               Classifiers and plurality in Mandarin


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               Comitative constructions in Chinese