7th North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics (NACCL7) and 4th International Conference on Chinese Linguistics (ICCL4)

Volume 1: Pragmatics, Syntax and Semantics

  1. Chang, L. and J. Huang: The Initial Investigation of Chinese Classifiers Post-posing
  2. Chang, S. and T. Tang: The Structural Analysis of Complement Clauses of Control Verbs in Chinese
  3. Chu, C.: Source and Management: Two Tiers of Information Structure.
  4. Fong, V.: A CP/IP Typology of Embedded Clauses in Cantonese
  5. Gao, Q.: Against Lexical Rules: Two Case Studies in Chinese
  6. Her, O. and H. Huang: Locative Inversion and Relational-Changing Rules
  7. Hong, W.: ``How do they Request?'' A Comparative Study of Chinese and German Requests
  8. Hsieh, H.: A Taxonomy of Grammatical Interactions
  9. Hu, W.: Iconicity in Presentative Sentences
  10. Lai, H.: Rejected Expectations: The Two Time-Related Scalar Particles CAI and JIU in Mandarin Chinese
  11. Li, X.: douas Event Quantifier
  12. Li, Y.: Minimal Reconstruction
  13. Liu, F.: The Meaning of Hai
  14. Lu, Z.: Chinese Aspect: An Obligatory Head of The Sentence
  15. Mok, S.: The Comparative Marker gwo in Cantonese
  16. Reynolds, R.: ``Passive'' Morphology in Mandarin
  17. Shi, D.: Chinese as a Null Subject Language
  18. Ting, J.: Deriving the Secondary Topic Construction in Mandarin Chinese
  19. Wang, Z.: Adjective-Noun Construction in Modern Chinese
  20. Wu, M.: Representing Definiteness in non-article-bearing Languages: NP Internal Word Order in Mandarin and Finish
  21. Wu, X.: Time, Scope, Conceptual Distance and Zai+NL
  22. Xu, J.: The Placement of Chinese Focus Mark shi and Pied-piping in LF
  23. Ying, H: Towards a Unified Account of Chinese Reflexives
  24. Yong, S.: The Grammatical Functions of Verb-Complements in Mandarin Chinese
  25. Yu, N. and R. Troike: Parataxis and `Double Subjects' in Chinese
  26. Zhang, N.: The Syntactic Properties of Mandarin A-not-A Questions
  27. Zhang, Z.: The Grammar of Aspect in Mandarin Chinese
  28. Zhou, X.: Transitivity in Chinese: Two-role Material Processes
  29. Zou, K.: Negation of ba Constructions

Volume 2: Discourse, Historical Linguistics, Morphology, Phonology and Phonetics

  1. Ao, B.: Typology of the Chinese Syllable Coda
  2. Chan, M.: Sound Symbolism and the Chinese Language
  3. Chang, C.: Reduplication in Mandarin: Formation and Meaning
  4. Chang, W.: The Analysis of ''Ji-Yuen''
  5. Cheng-Chang, S.: The Consonant System in Old Chinese
  6. Chung, R.: Autosegmental Domains of Southern Min Nasalization
  7. Duanmu, S.: Alignment and Cyclicity in Optimality Theory
  8. Eon, I.: Analysis of Characters with Multiple Readings in Modern Sino-Korean
  9. He, S. and L. Liu: Syntax and Semantic Constraints on Affixation after Affixation in Mandarin Chinese
  10. Hsu, H.: Trisyllabic Tone Sandhi in Lijin: A Constraint-Based Analsysis
  11. Huang, H.: Place Assimilation in Mandarin Chinese
  12. Lee, C. and H. Tao: A Social Account of Two Unusual Uses of Third Person Pronouns in Hong Lou Meng
  13. Li, R.: On the Typology of Chinese Dialects
  14. Liao, R. : Pitch Undulation and Tonal Realization in the Formation of Mandarin Intonation
  15. Lin, H.: Phonetics of Phonology: Mandarin Neutral Tone Revisited
  16. Lin, Y.: Coda Attrition and Optimality Theory
  17. Packard, J.: Chinese Evidence Against Inflection-Derivation as a Universal Distinction
  18. Pu, M. and and Y. Li: Ambiguity Resolution and Pronominalization in Chinese Narratives
  19. Pulleyblank, E.: Role of Glottal Stop in Old Chinese
  20. Starosta, S. and S. Ng: Compounding Confusion in Chinese Word Formation
  21. Tsai, C.: Effects on Semantic Transparency and Morphological Structure on the Representation and Recognition of Chinese Disyllabic Words
  22. Tsay, J.: Physical Constraints in the Phonology of Fuzhou
  23. Wang, H.: Are Taiwanese Syllables Segmented into Phoneme-Sized Units?
  24. Wang, Y.: The Functions of ranhou in Chinese Oral Discourse
  25. Wei, Y.: Speech Errors in Chinese and Factors that Influence Speech Production
  26. Wu, D.: Linguistic Simplification in Chinese Display Advertisements
  27. Wu, X.: A Morpho-Phonological Perspective on the so-called Neutral Tone in Mandarin Chinese
  28. Xu, D: The Use of Mandarin by Singaporean Taxi Drivers
  29. Xu, D.: On the Prosodic Structure of a Sentence
  30. Yeh, M.: Historical Development of
  31. Zhang, X. and Cheung, Y.: Development of a Flexible Concordance Program for Large Corpora

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