USC Linguistics

8th North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics (NACCL8)

Volume 1:

  1. Chan, Alice. Entailments Between the Different Interpretations of an "Ambiguous" Chinese Serial Verb Construction 1
  2. Chang, Chih-ping. Overt Pronouns in Mandarin Relative Clauses 15 Chang, Miao-Hsia. The Grammaticalization of BEH in Taiwanese Hokkian 29
  3. Ernst, Thomas. Chinese Evidence for Semi-Arguments 52
  4. He, Yuanjian. A Novel Approach to "A-not-AB" Questions in Mandarin Chinese 70
  5. Hsieh, Miao-Ling. On the Functions of Three Forms of Negation in Chinese 88
  6. Hsu, Kylie. Semantic Categorization and Pragmatic Functions of the Temporal Markers Zheng (¥¿), Zhengzai (¥¿¦b), and Zai (¦b) in Mandarin Discourse 103
  7. Hwang, Jya-Lin. The Emergence of Serial Verb Constructions in Mandarin Chinese and its X-Bar Projections 121
  8. Kuo, Shiun-Zu. Null Objects in Chinese: Covert Pronominal, But Not Variables Nor Silent Epithets 161
  9. Li, Yen-hui Audrey. Definite and Indefinite Existential Constructions 171
  10. Lin, Huei-Ling. A Lexical-Syntactic Analysis of Resultative Compounds in Mandarin Chinese 189
  11. Liu, Jia. The Development of the Adverbial Suffixes in the Old Chinese and Early Middle Chinese 202
  12. Liu, Luther Chen-Sheng. A Note on Chinese Comparatives 214
  13. Lu, Bingfu. The Internal Word Order of NP: Inherence Proximity and Referential Antecedence 229
  14. Lu, Wen-Ying. Clarifying the Speaker's Doubts: Pragmatic Use Conditions That Distinguish Appropriate Uses of MA, BA and A 247
  15. Nielsen, Sarah. Classifying Chinese -le and -de: Cases of Lexical or Phrasal Affixation? 256
  16. Paul, Waltraud. Verb Raising in Chinese  260
  17. Shi, Dingxu. On Verb Reduplication 277
  18. Su, Lily I-wen. Anaphora and Discourse Structure in Spoken Chinese 295
  19. Tang, Ting-chi. On Reduplication of Adjectives in Chinese: A Comparative Study of Mandarin and Southern Min 314
  20. Wang, Yabing. The Two-Step Schema in Chinese Locative Phrases: The Locative Marker 'zai' and the Localizers 332
  21. Wu, Mary. Associative Phrase Revisited 349
  22. Wu, Shinian. Effects of Chinese Syntactic Structuring and Register Norms on Use Patterns of Certain Linguistic Features in Chinese and English 364
  23. Yong, Shin. Does Mandarin Have the Situational Alteration Between an Activity and an Accomplishment? 383
  24. You, Yu-Ling. Interpreting Chinese Zero-Anaphora: Examining the Recovery Rules in Text 395
  25. Zhang, Ning. Three Types of Object Shift in Mandarin Chinese 413
  26. Zhang, Zheng-sheng. Focus and Focus Markers in Mandarin Questions 427
  27. Zou, Ke. Resultative Verb Compounds with Nonpersonal Subjects 442

Volume 2:

  1. Chan, Marjorie K. M. Some Thoughts on the Typology of Sound Symbolism and the Chinese Language 1
  2. Chen, Shu-Fen. Vowel Length in Middle Chinese Based on Buddhist Sanskrit Transliteration 16
  3. Chen, Si-Qing. The Automatic Identification and Recovery of Chinese Acronyms 34
  4. Chuang, Yuangshan. Statistical Analyses of Characters in Elementary and Junior High School Students' Chinese Writings in Taiwan 62
  5. Chung, Raung-fu. The Glottal Stop at the End of a Southern Min Syllable 80
  6. Duanmu, San. Pre-juncture Lengthening and Foot Binarity 94
  7. Fon, Janice Yee-Jean. What are Tones Really Like? -- An Acoustic-Based Study of Taiwan Mandarin Tones 114
  8. Good, Robert. The Automatic Identification of English Transliterated Loanwords in Chinese 132
  9. Hsieh, Hsin-I. Diffusionism, Interactionism, and Dynamism: Language as a Window on the Mind 144
  10. Hu, Xiaolin. The Introduction of SOV Structure in Chinese Class: Its Timing and Its Significance 163
  11. Jing, Tiwei. Signboards: A Mirror of Socio-Cultural Values 174
  12. Liao, Rongrong. The Influence of Strong Emphasis on Pitch Range and Tonal Realization 181
  13. Lin, Yen-Hwei. Surface Vowels and Markedness 197
  14. Miller, Kevin F. Linguistic Structure & Cognitive Development: Chinese/English Comparisons 209
  15. Min, Hui-Tzu. The Marked Code-Switching Behavior of Two Mandarin-English Speaking Children 226
  16. Tang, Sze-Wing. Distributivity and Locality of Lexical Quantification 236
  17. Tseng, Miao-Fen. An Examination of Chinese Invitational Discourse: How Chinese Accept an Invitation 254
  18. Wang, Yu-Fang. How Mandarin Chinese Use Temporal Clauses in Conversation 272
  19. Yang, Tai-Lin. Patterns of Tonal Parsing of Taiwanese Quadrisyllabic Idioms 290
  20. Zhang, Hongming. On Directions and Tiers of Tone-Spreading: Case Study of Danyang 310

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