USC Linguistics

9th North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics (NACCL9)

Volume 1:

1 Ansaldo, Umberto "Relative Clauses and Word-Order Variation in Sinitic"
17 Chan, Alice Yin Wa "Temporal Seqence and Chinese Seriel Verb Constructions"
35 Chang, Yu-Ling "Beyond Constituent Structures: Semantic Structure Representations"
47 Chief, Lian-Cheng "Anaphoric Relations in Mandarin Reflexive Verbs"
65 Chuang, Li-Ling "Topics as Multiple Specs"
83 Fu, Michelle "Clause Linkage in Mandarin Serial Verb Constructions"
97 Hsieh, Miao-Ling "Negation in Chinese and Functional Projections"
115 Hua, Dongfan "Remarks on Existential Wh Indefinites in Chinese"
127 Hwang, Jya-Lin "A Comparative Study of Mandarin Gei (give), Taiwanese Ho (give) and Hakka Pun (give)"
139 Li, Audrey "Nominal Projections in Mandarin Chinese"
155 Li, Hui-ju Grace "Null Object and VP Ellipsis in Chinese"
173 Li, Wei "Chart Parsing Chinese Character Strings"
191 Lin, Chien-Jer Charles, Wen-Chen Wei & Chu-Ren Huang "Mandarin Pseudo-Ditransitive Verbs"
202 Liu, Xianmin "LE--An Aspectual Marker for Change"
217 Lu, Bingfu "Word Order Variation in 'ta shuo-le wo san-ci huaihua'"
229 Mok, Sui-Sang "Verb Movement in a Cantonese Non-coordinative Comparative"
247 Simpson, Andrew "On Dak and De and Dai and Duoc-Potential DE in East Asian"
265 Stonham, John "Cantonese Ge and the Structure of NP"
280 Tang, Sze-Wing "Prohibitions on Superfluous Symbols: Some Notes on the Architecture of Nominal Small Clauses"
298 Wang, Wenbin "On the Dui-Construction in Chinese"
315 Wang, Yuhuan & Li, Wendan "Presentation of Nouns and Distribution of Attention"
330 Wu, Xiu-Zhi Zoe "Sentence-Initial Foci and Clefted Foci in Chinese"
348 Wu, Xiu-Zhi Zoe, and Fang Li "Da-le ge luohualiushui: An Activity Classifier and Complement Marker"
363 Yang, Suying & Yue Yuan Huang "The Prototypes of Verbs"
384 Zhang, Ning "Notes on Head Movement in Chinese"
402 Zhang, Zheng-Sheng "The Perfective and Perfect Meanings of the Verbal -Le"
412 Zhou, Minglang "How to come (lai) and go (qu) in physical space and social space in Chinese"
428 Zou, Ke "Alienable and Inalienable Objects in the Chinese BEI-Constructions"
444 Appendix 1: A Brief Chronology of NACCLs
445 Appendix 2: Some Moments Captured at NACCL-9: Copies of A Few Photos

Volume 2:

1 Biq, Yung "Overlap in Mandarin Conversation"
18 Cao, Zhiyun [Tones in Sui'an Dialect of Zhejiang]
35 Chan, Marjorie K. M. "Gender Differences in the Chinese Language: A Preliminary Report"
53 Chen, Shu-Ching Susan "A Discourse Analysis of Relative Clauses in Spoken Chinese"
71 Duanmu, San "On FOOT and Tone"
88 Eom, Ik-sang "R-Suffixation and Syllabic Structure in Mandarin"
106 Feng, Liangzhen [On the Phenomena of Mutual Application in Chinese Multi-Syllabic Words]
122 Hsu, Kylie "On the Use of Jiushishuo in Goal-Oriented Spoken Discourse"
137 Hu, Wenze, & Sue-mei Wu "A Cognition-Based Functional Account of Variations in the Use of Classifiers in Chinese"
148 Hwang, Kathy, Joseph F. Kess, & Tadao Miyamoto "An Overview and Critique of the Chinese Word Recognition Models"
162 Kess, Joseph F. & Tadao Miyamoto "Psycholinguistic Dimensions of the Mental Dictionary in Chinese vs. Japanese"
175 Lin, Yen-Hwei "Assimilation in Mandarin and Feature Class Theory"
190 Ma, Lili "Issues in Mandarin Er-Suffixation and the Implications for an Optimality Analysis"
208 Pulleyblank, Edwin G. "Must We Discard the Rhyme Dictionaries and the Rhyme Tables?"
226 Shi, Xiangdong [Comparison Between the Cognates of Chinese and Tibetan: A New Approach to Critical Interpretation of Ancient Texts]
233 Soh, Hooi Ling "The Syntax of Phonological Phrasing in Shanghai and Hokkien"
251 Wang, Haidan "Prototype, Exemplars, and Images"
268 Wang, Youwei [The Types of Change and the Formation of xiesheng and fanqie in the Pronunciation of Putonghua]
279 Wang, Yu-Fang "Conditionals in Conversation: A Corpus-Based Study from Chinese"
297 Wu, Helen Xiaoyan "The Sociology of Language Through the Choice of Terms: From Buzhengzhifeng, Guandao to Jingji Fanzui"
310 Wu, Sue-mei "The Roles of Size and Shape in Three-dimensional Classifiers in Mandarin Chinese"
324 Zhang, Jie "A Typology of Ru Tones In Chinese Dialects --- Evidence for Phonetically-Driven Phonology"
338 Zhou, Hong "High Vowel Asymmetries in Chinese Languages"
354 Appendix 1: A Brief Chronology of NACCLs
355 Appendix 2: Some Moments Captured at NACCL-9: Copies of A Few Photos

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