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    Editorial Board:

    F. Nihan Ketrez, Justin M. Aronoff, Monica Cabrera, Asli Ciger, Shadi Ganjavi, Milena Petrova, Isabelle Roy

    Review Board:

    Elaine S. Andersen, Dani Byrd, Edward Finegan, Gail Gottfried, James Higginbotham, Abigail Kaun, Utpal Lahiri, Y. Ingrid Leung, Y. Audrey Li, Karine Megerdoomian, Toby Mintz, Elliot Moreton, Barry Schein, Rachel Walker, Maria Luisa Zubizarreta

    Table of Contents: 

    Phonology / Morphology

    Guanjun Bella Feng – Lexical category specific constraints: Mandarin verb versus adjective reduplication [pdf]

    Cristian Iscrulescu – Morphological faithfulness and phonological markedness: The case of Romanian nominals [pdf]

    Hua Lin – The necessity of output-output correspondence: Evidence from Tunica [pdf]

    Syntax / Semantics

    Asier Alcázar – The imperfective paradox of Basque [pdf]

    James Higginbotham – A note on conditionals and compositionality [pdf]

    Miae Lee – Head-internal relatives: In-situ focus effect [pdf]

    Antonella Vecchiato – The Italian periphrastic causative and force dynamics [pdf]


    Justin M. Aronoff – Gender and the letter fluency task: Evidence from second language learners [pdf]

    F. Nihan Ketrez – Distributional properties of nouns and verbs in Turkish child-directed speech [pdf]

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